Posted on Jan 19, 2017

When an oyster leaves the bed…

This year we are the local beer sponsor for the largest oyster festival in the world. A few warm sunny days in mid January inspired us to explore “oyster bed to oyster table”. As first timers we had a local guide, Captain Max, take us to the perfect spot.


Boots…check. Gloves…check. Picks…check. Pilsner……check.

Lowcountry Pilsner and a fresh oyster off the bed… just like peas and carrots!

Pulling away from the bed we spotted a local Oystercatcher. They use their distinctive red bill to fit into gaping oysters to gobble the salty gem inside.

It wasn’t hard to convince friends and family to join us for some local handpicked oysters and a few Palmetto brews!

A day well spent on the water bringing home dinner to a few good friends and a flaming fire.

Enjoy with food and friends.


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