Posted on Feb 12, 2017

Skate session with Session IPA’s


What could be better than a Session after a session? Another session. Whether your session is golfing, skateboarding, showering, studying, or scrap-booking it deserves a beer with bold flavor and drinkability that won’t drag you down and put you on the sidelines.



First stop, the “bridge spot”. A rocks throw away from the brewery & one of the very few spots in Charleston that allows a skateboard session to take place. Also where you can meet some of the nicest people in Charleston.



It’s the most perfect day in Charleston for a session. The sun is shining and a light jacket is hardly necessary.




Second stop, the brewery. Before we head to our next spot we need to fill our Hydroflask & grab some Charleston Session cans. Maybe sneak in a few skate tricks as well. 😉




Third stop, our friend Bob’s backyard ramp. First things first, we walk the ramp with a screwdriver for our own safety.



Meet Norman and Peepers, the guardians of the ramp. Beware, Norman will tackle and attack you with kisses if you fall.



Bob Hart, full time supporter of Palmetto, part-time can crusher.



Drinking responsibly is cool, so have another Charleston Session IPA and share your session with us!

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