Posted on Jul 25, 2017

From Sea to Summit

We were born and raised here in the Lowcountry but we love higher altitudes. We trade the heat of the deep American South every summer for high, frozen, remote locations around the planet. Now, having climbed mountains in the Rockies of Colorado, the Cascade range in the Northwest, spent 40 days on the Northern ice caps of Patagonia, guided an expedition in the Indian Himalayas, multiple trips to Alaska with last summers 20-day summit of the tallest mountain in North America, Denali (20,310ft). This summer we decided to go back to where it all began, Mt. Rainier in Washington state. This will be our 4th climb of Rainier and we decided to bring along our favorite beer. We teamed up with Palmetto Brewery, our goal was to take Huger St. IPA from sea level in Charleston to the summit at 14,411ft.

Welcome to Seattle!

Last minute supplies at Pikes Place Market

A dip in the Alpine Lake before the climb.

Tomorrow… we get to go climbing.

Day 1 –  Leaving the parking lot at 5,400ft.

Arrived at camp Muir (10,100ft).

Day 2 – Going over climbing lessons.

We left camp at midnight Tuesday night. It was clear and cool at 10,100 ft, with a nearly full moon illuminating our way. The sun started to rise around 5am.

6:45am at 13,800 feet.

At around 7am we crossed the crater and made our way to the summit at 14,411ft. It was a bit cold with 45mph winds on top but it was clear, seeing all the way into Oregon.  After an hour on top, we headed down and stumbled back into camp 4 hours later.   Huger St. IPA never tasted so good.

It couldn’t have been a better trip with any better company. Big congrats to Ron, Austin, Zach and Arun on their first summit, you guys killed it.
We have heard a lot of support from friends and strangers from @palmettobrewing shoutouts. We appreciate all of it. Big thanks to Kate & Palmetto for the support. It has been a special partnership we won’t soon forget. Psyched to get back for Friday nights with the Loading Dock Concert Series.

Who are the next Palmetto Ramblers? Looking forward to following your story.

Palmetto Ramblers Rainier ’17 edition signing off. ✌🏼#palmettorambler#hugerstontop

Justin Bowers

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